Write multiplication sentence using equal groups quizzes



This video explains how to represent multiplication expression into equal groups

Here a funny video on how to write multiplication sentence using equal groups with two lovely characters. The example takes here is 5 x 3; to explain this multiplication expression, their use cookies as groups and some chocolate chips used as groups objects.

The idea is so fun and suitable for kids, they can well understand multiplication expression for equal groups that way.

The first phase of the explanation describes how to interpret and deduce the multiplication expression for groups and objects of the group.
This approach is fundamental to the understanding of the subject that concerns us. After that stage, we have the representation of the multiplication expression into equal groups.

After this step, we can use skip counting to find the sum of multiplication expression with ease.

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How to write multiplication sentences for equal groups

After use a video to explain how to represent a multiplication expression into equal groups, we’ll now see how to write multiplication sentences for equal groups. The game will help to understand this subject and test children skills.


Write multiplication sentence using equal groups quizzes is a set of exercises that help kids understanding the basics of multiplication. To write the multiplication expression for equal groups, we have two main stages:

  1. The first step is to count all the groups ; the found number represents the first number of the multiplication expression.
  2. In the second step, we must count the objects that make up each group. This is the second number of the of the multiplication expression.

So for this example, we have 3 groups of donuts and 7 donuts in each group. With this information, we obtain the following multiplication expression:

3 groups x 7 donuts = 3 x 7 = 21 donuts