Five times table practice – Multiply by 5 quiz & worksheets



A fun way to learn & practice x 5 times tables

In two brief stages, children will learn 5 times tables from this video.

In the first phase of learning, he will first listen for all the 5 times tables and trying to remember it. Then a small video quiz is display to test its knowledge; after each multiply by 5 that is set, he must provide the appropriate answer – A very simple way for five times table practice.

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Well understand x5 times tables

To well understand five times table practice we’ll use arrays, equal groups, repeated addition and number line. As usual, let’s try to resolve a word problem.
Celine has three breads. She divides each into 5 slices of bread. How many slices of bread does she have in all?

Multiply by 5 using array repartition

Looking at the array below, you may notice a distribution of pieces of bread as it was described in the problem.


The number of bread is the value that has set the number of row of the array, while with the amount of slices of bread; we get the number of the array columns. A well established distribution, which makes easy to determine the quantity of slices of bread Celine has in all.

The number of slices of bread is 15.

Multiply by 5 using repeated addition

By following a logical reasoning as above or making use of the array data, the equation of repeated addition is:

5 + 5 + 5 = 15 3 x 5 = 15

We have 15 slices of bread in all.

Multiply by 5 using equal groups


Here is the explation that give information about equal groups construction. We have 3 breads each divides into 5 slices. We clearly have 3 groups each containing 5 slices of breads. Using fives skip counting, we find 5, 10, 15… 15 slices of bread

Multiplication by 5 using number line

If we count fives, we get the following number line on with three hops reach 15. We have the same answer 15 slices of bread

Everything is okay now and you can get through Multiply by 5 quiz & worksheets for more training.