Write multiplication sentence for the array Grade 3 Quizzes



Observe and write multiplication expressions for arrays

After identifying multiplication expressions that describes models of arrays through tests, videos and examples, we go further with this section Write multiplication sentence for the array Grade 3 Quizzes for mastering of the basics of multiplication. All that training will allow children to write the multiplication sentences for arrays.

The purpose of these tests remeans as to the other one to facilitate the understanding of multiplication. To help the child to retain the principle, we will use the formula __rows __ columns and for determining the factors of multiplication. In general, the multiplication is written; “number of rows” x “number of columns”.


In the array above, we have 3 rows and 7 columns. The multiplication sentence that describes our model is 3 x 7 = 21. By doing so, children will complete multiplication expression for arrays during the tests.

At the end of this activity, children will build more skills on the basics of multiplication; they will easily identify and write multiplication expressions that describe the proposed models of array.