Multiplication games quiz & worksheets skill builders



Description & Tips

Build more multiplication skill with quizzes

In the section Multiplication games quiz & worksheets skill builders you will find several quizzes to help build children’s multiplication skills. By exercising with these activities, they will strengthen their knowledge of multiplication up to 12 easily. The methodology is designed so that each child finds the times tables relatively simple and affordable.

Interactive multiplication quizzes online

Online multiplications quizzes & games are provided to test children’s knowledge without stress. It is a flexible method of work from which he is gradually keeps in mind the products of times tables by learning from his mistakes.

Initially, it is proposed to him different exercises that come randomly; there is a series of 12 exercises per times tables.

After the training during a period of 7-12 minutes max, he can stop the multiplication exercises to testing his level on the evaluation quiz during 9 minutes approximately. At the end of this evaluation, the results are provided as well as the correction of the quiz.

PowerPoint multiplication quizzes

In addition to the online quizzes, you’ll find PowerPoint quizzes for the evaluation of children under the watchful eye of a teacher.

Note nonetheless that extend training with PowerPoint quizzes is exhausting and will lead to discouragement of children because the interactivity that you’ll find on quizzes online doesn’t exist there. So you can use it for a multi learner’s lesson; the exchange with students comes out to fill the lack due to the inexistence of interactivity on these quizzes models.

Printable and editable multiplication quizzes

You’ll also find to complete this series of quizzes several printable exercises in PDF and also editable one in DOC files. All these media are complementary to relieve stress that can compel the child to make error according to the variation of the types of media on which he is tested. Using these quizzes, children will build their multiplication skills and will find times tables easy to master.