Two times tables practice – Multiply by 2 quiz & worksheets



Simple principle of adding two from one number to another

In this video, the child can gradually see the evolution of the times tables 2 with two times tables practice.

First, the multiplication by 2 is made, then, the solution is given.

What is remarkable in this video that will help the child to perfectly control his two times tables practice, it is the arranged point just below the top of the page numbers; one can see a sequential addition of two points when switching from one number to the next one. This clearly indicates that the child how to pass from 2×1 to 2×2; he just need to add two each time – So 2×2 = 2×1 + 2 = 2 + 2 = 4. The same principle is observed for all the two times tables.

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Well understand x2 times tables

Multiply by 2 quiz & worksheets, In the example that follows, we discuss some fairly common methods that facilitate the x2 times tables or multiplication by 2. With these simple examples, the child will easily understand and remember the path for successful multiply numbers by 2.

Take for example the 4×2 multiplication which literally means “four times two.” We will represent this expression with methods that follow…

Multiply by 2 using array repartition


Suppose for this example that we want to solve a problem: we have 4 children and we plan to give each 2 cakes.

To find the number of cakes that will be distributed to children, we introduce the values in an array as follow:

  • 4 children represented by the four rows of the array;
  • For each child, we must introduce 2 cakes in the 2 columns of the table.
  • By counting the cakes so represented in the array, we get “8 cakes”, which is the solution to our problem. Similarly “4×2” is the multiplication sentence that represents the same problem.
    Indeed, we simply multiply the number of children (4) with the amount of cakes to allocate per child (2): 4×2 = 8.

Multiply by 2 using repeated addition

We will break our multiplication by 2 in addition. In this case “four times two” (4×2) is represented as follows:

2+2+2+2=8 4×2=8

The above expression is very clear and concise; “four times two” is an addition of 2 four times (2 + 2 + 2 + 2).

Multiply by 2 using equal group

Using our same x2 times tables; 4×2 is represented by equipotent groups as following:


Here we can see equivalence between the different groups which are representing 4 groups of 2 elements per group. All the elements from the groups are 8 which is the result of 4×2.
This can also represent our previous problem; 4 children to whose we distributed each 2 cakes.

Multiplication by 2 using number line

Here’s a number line with the x2 times tables’s values. The graduation are the results range from 0x2 = 0 to 12×2= 24. From this sequence of numbers related to the multiplication by 2 values, we will place the multiplication sentence 4×2.


For that, we start from 0 and move to 4 times on the number line. We obtain the value 8 at the end. 4×2 = 8