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Well understand x6 times tables

Here is a small word problem to help us in the different stages of the six times tables practice. Five greedy little mice each have six cheese portions; how many cheese portions do they have in all?
To understand multiplication by 6 as well as possible, we will see how to solve this word problem with an array repartition, equal groups, repeated addition and the number line. At the end, with those different explanations, the child will understand the use of all these scenarios and will easily solve a similar problem.

Multiply by 6 using array repartition


The array shows 5 rows representing each mouse and in the columns, we can find the number of cheese portion each mouse has; wich is 6 portions per mouse.
Considering our array repartion we find 30 portions of cheese in all.

Multiply by 6 using repeated addition

Another way to solve this word problem is to consider the following expression “5 mice each has 6 portions of cheese”; which means we have to make an addition of 6 portion for cheese five times.
The expression is write with repeated addition as follow:

6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 30 5 x 6 = 30

As you can see, it fit well to Six times tables practice, since one of the factors is 6.

Multiply by 6 using equal group

The same expression “5 mice each has 6 portions of cheese” may also means we have to make 5 groups (for 5 mice) each with 6 chesse inside.
Putting that in practice give the following equal groups representation:


When we count sixes, we obtain 30 portions of cheese

Multiplication by 6 using number line

When we count sixes, we also obtain 30 portions of cheese with number line method.

Here is the end of this demonstration, may be you should gain more skills with Multiply by 6 quiz & sheets from the corresponding menu.