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Count sevens and understand x 7 times tables with fun

Here is an incredibly effective video to learn the x 7 times tables. Beautiful background song and words are well thought out. With Sergeant Seven, the child learns in a captivating rhythm how to count sevens.

The goal is to learn the products of the multiplication by 7 taking into count the factors 1-12; the end, you will be stupefied with the result.
Really amazing!!!
Now your kid knows well x 7 times tables; it’s easy and fun!
Just try it!

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Well understand x7 times tables with basics

In this new example, we’ll have seven times tables practice. Suppose that in the school canteen we have 3 tables each with 7 cups of chocolate. How many cups are there in all? Let’s use the basic methods of multiplication (array repartition, repeated addition, equal groups, and number line) to explain how to solve this problem and give better understanding of x 7 times tables.

Multiply by 7 using array repartition

First start with the array repartition; remember the expression that will allow us to identify the values of factors. 3 tables each with 7 cups of chocolate. This implies that we have 3 rows which represent our tables and 7 columns for cups.


The array above represents the idea of our problem. To find the solution, it remeans for us to count all the cups of chocolate in the array; the result is 21. In the canteen, we have 3 tables with 21 cups of chocolate in all.

Multiply by 7 using repeated addition

3 tables each with 7 cups of chocolate also means that we can add 7 cups 3 times to obtain the total number of cups.

7 + 7 + 7 = 21 3 x 7 = 21

Multiply by 7 using equal group

For equal groups, 3 tables each with 7 cups of chocolate means that we have 3 groups each with 7 cups of chocolate.


Multiplication by 7 using number line

Using number line, 3 tables each with 7 cups of chocolate means that we have to count sevens three times. The result is the same, 21 cups of chocolate for all the tables